Advance Digital Filmmaking Course


  • Introduction of advance Videography
  • Develop skills related to moving images (TV Broadcast Photography)
  • How to handle and placing of the Broadcast camera and tripod for making shots
  • Use of Aperture ring, Exposure, Shutter speed, ISO and White balance (Color balance)
  • How to manage and better use of RGB in Broadcast cameras
  • Importance of sharp focus
  • Camera settings in different video formats
  • How to use lights in Interviews (In-doors, Out-doom) Reflectors
  • Mics and Cables (Connectors)
  • How to read Audio levels Shots compositions
  • Framing, Axis, Looking room and Headroom
  • Camera movements (Dynamics)
  • Pan, Tilts and Dolly shots
  • Practical
  • Group discussions on concepts, Storylines, Current Affairs and Short video clippings making
  • Making solo video clippings on given subjects or topics
  • Open discussions and Q/A with eminent personalities from TV industry
  • Out-door, In-doors shootings in public places, Historical sites and Markets
  • Advance Editing Terminology - cutaway shots, cut in - out, jump cut, crosscut, and match cut
  • Editing Practical - Color correction
  • Advance level photo and video editing - photoshop, premiere pro and Final Cut Pro
  • Sound Editing in Final cut Pro.
  • Project submission

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