Anuj Singh

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Anuj Singh is a wildlife and travel photographer. Chain Reaction has been founded by Anuj Singh. Riding for years now and doing adventure motorcycle travel stories for several publications in India and abroad. Anuj shoots, a very large portion of his riding has taken place in North East India. It was while he was discussing the charms of riding through the interiors of North East India, that he came across the idea of forming an adventure motorcycle travel outfit; through which other people can experience the same thrill, adventure, discover places and tribes.

Since the duo has extensive travel experience in North East India, he decided to concentrate on this area. This decision was also encouraged by the fact that North East India has something to offer for almost everyone. It has beautiful landscapes, hills, ranges of the Himalaya, chaste forests, abundant wildlife, large river island, historic monuments, exquisite handicrafts, numerous colorful tribes, some with such extreme traditions as headhunting. People with an inclination towards architecture will find the tribal houses, some built on stilts, and cane bridges fascinating indeed. Ride with me and you will fall in love with the land and its people.

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