Super Professional Photography


  • Course Overview
  • Course Content:
  • Introduction and welcome of students
  • Introduction of wedding photography

Still Photography

  • Required Equipment in wedding photography
  • Best cameras and lenses
  • Lights
  • Types of continuous light
  • Types of flashlight
  • Lights attachments and accessories
  • How to use creatively Exposure triangle ISO, Aperture ( F), Shutter speed
  • File format - Raw vs Jpeg
  • Introduction and understanding of candid photography
  • Introduction and understanding of Pre-wedding photography
  • Introduction and understanding different functions like Ring ceremony, Mehandi ceremony and other function
  • How to shoot wedding Portraits and couple
  • Corporate Events & brand launches
  • Live Industry Project
  • Practical shoots of wedding and events ( if possible)
  • Business and marketing ( A full marketing how to build inquiries using various paid, free, owned and earned methods)
  • Understanding of Client expectations and requirements

Digital Darkroom & Album Design

  • Introduction of Photoshop, Lightroom, Portraiture and other software application for editing and retouching
  • Selection of photos for album
  • Photo Editing and retouching
  • Plugins and filters
  • How to create a visual story of the wedding
  • How to design the album
  • How to design the album cover
  • Digital online album
  • Good quality album printing

Video & Film editing

  • Understanding how to use Editing software like F.C.P. and others
  • Learning how to edit Videos
  • Assembling the video clips
  • Right music for video editing
  • Learning how to cut different beats
  • Making the Final Wedding Film
  • How to edit Cinematic video & film
  • How to, make short video/film fo the wedding
  • how to make Time Capsule and teaser


  • Introduction of wedding videography
  • Required Equipment
  • Best cameras and lenses
  • Lights
  • Types of continuous light
  • Lights attachments and accessories
  • Video Formats HD, Full HD, Ultra HD ( UHD ), 4 k, 6 k, 8 k Raw, MOV, etc.
  • Understanding of FPS
  • White balance
  • Introduction and understanding of Pre-wedding videography
  • Understanding of different functions like Ring ceremony, Mehndi ceremony and other function
  • Cinematic video / Film
  • What are cinematic elements in a wedding
  • How to use Slider, gimbal or jib tools in weddings
  • Cinematic Technique
  • Cinematography Composition
  • Practical shoots for different styles
  • Different ways of voice recording

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